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Character Information
Frank-latoinenet f3414.jpg
Frank Latoine

Voiced By

Shintaro Asanuma

Live Action Actor

Wentz Eiji


Piano Student

A French piano student who lives in the same apartment complex as Chiaki and Nodame. He befriended Nodame when they were taking the entrance exam to study in Paris. He is a fan of Japanese anime, his special favorites are the anime Shakugan No Shana and Nodame's favorite series, the fictional Puri Gorota. He had a slight crush on Nodame, but fell out of it once he saw her obsession with anime (which he said was too much for even him to handle, as she could recite all the lines of Puri Gorota from heart) and Chiaki. Frank previously studied at the same school as Yunlong, but after seeing Professor Auclair, chose to transfer to the Conservatory.

At the end of the series, his ability grows consideraby and he was offered a chance to play a chamber music together with Rui Son. The story hinted a possible future attraction between the two.