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Character Information
Masumi Okuyama


奥山 真澄


Student / Timpanist


22 years old (4th year student)

Voice Actor JP

Yoshinori Fujita

Voice Actor En

Steve Staley

Live Action Actor

Keisuke Koide

Masumi Okuyama(奥山 真澄 Okuyama Masumi?); A claustrophobic 4th-year timpanist (percussion), who is an okama. He developed a crush on Chiaki and always admired him from afar. He comes from Yamagata and is a close friend of Nodame.


He barely spoke to Chiaki until Nodame's arrival. Since Nodame starts to hang out with Chiaki, he considers her as a rival and often bullies her and anyone else who tries to get close to Chiaki. Despite his idiosyncrasies, he excels on his percussion skills, earning him the title of "Queen of Percussion" and a place in the S and R☆S orchestras conducted by Chiaki.

He becomes a professional timpanist when he is hired by the New Metropolitan Philharmonic. Even so, he still makes time for R☆S activities.

He is one of Nodame's best friends. He credits Nodame for helping him become friends with Chiaki and helps to keep others away from Chiaki. They maintain contact throughout her stay in France.