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Ryutaro Mine
Name Ryutaro Mine
Kanji 峰 龍太郎
Birthday Unknown
Age Probably 23 years old.
Gender Male
Height 181 cm

Ryutaro Mine is a 4th year Violin student ( He was held back a year for failing his violin test) He is somewhat of a primmadonna who sees his playing as personal and deep, whereas others find it as just plain sloppy. His father owns the chinese restaurant 'Uraken' right next to Momogaoka Music Academy ( the school he and the main characters attend)

His Musical Instrument.[]

Mine is featured in the early episodes of nodame cantabile and his instrument is the violin. He was called useless at playing it in a classical way like others do. He seeks help from Noda Megumi to pass his violin test. But on the test day Nodame comes in with a fever and the cold and Mine loses hope. But Chiaki offers to help for the piano. Throughout the performance Mine plays the violin part in a metro and pop way but Chiaki seems to magically conduct while he was playing the piano. Mine feels comforted and decides to play the violin classically and love the instrument forever.